About Webb

Hi. I’m Webb Stacy. I have had a lifelong interest in photography, visual arts, and music. My PhD. is in Cognitive Science (a looong time ago!) and my focus then, as now, is on the interaction of knowledge and perception in humans.

I have served as Principal Investigator on a number of research programs in areas such as improving fidelity in fast jet simulators, creating training scenarios from raw data, developing a formal language to describe human performance, and supplementing EEG signals of intent with sensor information for prosthetic users. Though I am currently focusing a great deal more on photography and computer-assisted visual arts, I am also working on research that will help understand the nature of artificial social intelligence and how it can improve teamwork. 

In addition, I have a strong interest in the relationship between human learning and the AI version of reinforcement learning, and in associated human and AI training strategies that focus on predicting the future.

Reinforcement learning and prediction have a great deal to do with how we understand, and can improve, the stories inherent in photographs and other visual media.